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HICARE Mission to Korea

Three Executive Secretaries and two Secretariats from HICARE were dispatched to Korea. The purposes of the mission are:
To discuss more effective ways to invite medical personnel for training in Hiroshima.
To promote the establishment of a HICARE trainee network in Korea.
To conduct interviews with staff from hospitals / medical institutions treating atomic bomb victims; to learn what treatments are currently being utilized in Korea.


October 30 to November 3, 2006

Mission Members:

Kazunori KodamaChief Scientist and Epidemiology Department Chief, Radiation Effects Research Foundation (RERF) ;
HICARE Executive Secretary
Masao KuwabaraVice-president, Hiroshima City Medical Association;
HICARE Executive Secretary
Katsuhide ItoRadiology Department Chief, Hiroshima University Hospital;
HICARE Executive Secretary
Takuo KatayamaAssociate Director, Hiroshima Prefectural Government;
HICARE Secretariat
Masahiro FukumotoAssociate Director, Hiroshima City Government;
HICARE Secretariat

With Ms. Kim, Han Sun, Director, and staff, Special Welfare Center, The Republic of Korea National Red Cross

Institutes/Hospitals visited (in order of visit):

October 30Radiation Health Research Institute (Seoul)
October 31Republic of Korea National Red Cross (Seoul)
Seoul Red Cross Hospital (Seoul)
November 1Yeungnam University Medical Center (Daegu)
November 2Hapchon Welfare Center for Atomic Bomb Victims (Hapchon)
Busan Medical Center (Busan)
November 3Return to Hiroshima