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Over the Years

Over the Fiscal Years (2017-2012) 


February 19 to 21Conducted a Seminar of the Medical Care for the Radiation-exposed in Korea
February 18 to 22Three Doctors from U.S.A. Invited for Training
February 5 to 22/28Three Doctors from Brazil and Belarus Invited for Training
January 21 to 25Four Doctors from Sri Lanka, Finland, Brazil and USA Invited for Training
November 26 to 30Six Nurses from Korea, Invited for Training
September 24 to 28Ten Medical Professionals from Korea Invited for Training
August 21 to 27A Doctor from Brazil Invited for Training
July 18 to July 24/26Five Doctors from USA and Korea Invited for Training
June 20Dr. Okubo (Chairman of Radiation Effects Research Foundation) assumes office as the president of HICARE
April 25Dr. Usui (President of Hiroshima Prefectural Medical Association) assumes office as the president of HICARE

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