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Joint Research

IAEA-HICARE Joint Research (No.1)

●Co-organized a Training Meeting on Biodosimetry with IAEA

TitleBIODOSIMETRY IN THE 21st CENTURY Training Meeting
Contents-HICARE and IAEA signed the Practical Arrangements on August 6, 2010, in the context of fostering cooperation in the field of medical management of radiation-exposed, through such activities as training and joint research. For the first co-organized project in the joint research area, HICARE and IAEA carried out a training meeting in Hiroshima for the researchers in Asia and Pacific region.
-Technical improvement in biological dosimetry for the estimation of radiation doses and strengthening of networking between institutions in the IAEA member states.
DatesJune 10 to 14, 2013      Training Program
VenueOriental Hotel Hiroshima
Participants11 lecturers・2 dispatched by IAEA
・9 invited by HICARE (from Hiroshima University, Radiation Effects Research Foundation, Hirosaki University, National Institute of Radiological Sciences, and Institute for Environmental Sciences)
14 trainees・9 from abroad (India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, R.O. Korea, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam)
・5 from Japan (Hiroshima University and Radiation Effects Research Foundation)

Opening remarks by HICARE President Okubo

Greetings of Mr. Belyakov, IAEA

Lecture scene

Laboratory exercise at Hiroshima University Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine

Laboratory exercise at Radiation Effects Research Foundation

At Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

At training site hotel


Thema"Strengthening of Biological Dosimetry in IAEA Member States: Improvement of current techniques and intensification of collaboration and networking among the different institutes"- IAEA-CRP (E35008)
Chief Scientific

Dr. Yoshiaki Kodama (Chief, Department of Genetics, Radiation Effects Research Foundation),
Dr. Satoshi Tashiro, HICARE Executive Secretary (Professor at Hiroshima University - Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine)

DateMarch 21 to 23, 2012

1st Research Coordination Meeting in Vienna
Attended by Dr. Yoshiaki Kodama and Dr. Satoshi Tashiro

IAEA-HICARE Joint Research (No.2)


Theme“Radiation-induced cardiovascular injury” 
Chief Scientific
Dr. Kazunori Kodama, HICARE Executive Secretary (Chief Scientist of Radiation Effects Research Foundation)
DateJuly 2 to 4, 2012

Consultants Meeting in Vienna
Attended by Dr. Kazunori Kodama