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2007 Implementation Report of the International Cooperation Symposium of Medical Care for the Radiation-exposed in Brazil

DateJanuary 24, 2008(Thu.)
PlaceHattyobori Syante Hotel


[Keynote Speech]
"Hope toward the peace - Experience of A-bomb exposure and Medical support to A-bomb survivors from Hiroshima"
Lecturer: Shizuteru Usui, President of the Hiroshima Prefectural Medical Association, Leader of dispatched Physicians to Brazil
Chair: Hiroo Dohy, President of HICARE, Director of Hiroshima Red Cross Hospital and Atomic-bomb Survivors Hospital

Medical Treatment of A-bomb survivors in Brazil and the role of HICARE in the future
・Medical training for the treatment of A-bomb survivors in Brazil
Katsuhide Ito: Professor of Hiroshima University, member of dispatched Physicians to Brazil
・The situation of Medical Treatment of A-bomb survivors in Brazil and the Expectation for HICARE
Yuri Fujimura: Medical Treatment Department of Santa Cruz Hospital in Brazil
Chair: Masami Sakoi, Director of Health and Welfare Department, Hiroshima Prefectural Government
Jitsuro Yanagida(Chief Executive Secretary, Member of Board of Directors,Hiroshima Prefectural Medical Association
Overall host: Kenichi Arita, Executive Secretaries of HICARE

2006 International Symposium Commemorating the 15th Anniversary of HICARE

DateSeptember 14, 2006 (Thu.)


[Keynote Speech]
Kenneth J. Kopecky, Professor, University of Washington, U.S.A.
Radiation Effects on human health caused by Chernobyl Accident

- Shimanskaya Ilina Grigorievna, Associate Professor, Belarusian Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education
HICARE's Medical Support for victims of Chernobyl Accident
- Yuji Satsukawa, Doctor, Nipo-Brasileiro Hospital, Brazil
HICARE's Medical Support for Overseas A-bomb Survivors
- Choi, Chang-Woon, Director, National Radiation Emergency Medical Center, Korea Institute of Radiological and Medical Sciences (KIRAMS)
Radiation Emergency Medical System in Korea
- Gen Suzuki, Chief, Department of Environmental Health, National Institute of Public Health
Future Prospect of Radiation Emergency Medicine
- Masaya Yamauchi, Member of Editorial Board, Chugoku Shimbun Newspapers Co.
What we expect HICARE!
- Dr. Minoru Yanagida, Chief Executive Secretary, Permanent Director, Hiroshima Medical Association

[Panel Exhibition]
1) Panels to introduce HICARE's activities
2) Panels to introduce the HICARE concerned organizations

[Other Panel Exhibition]

DurationDecember 1 to 15, 2006
PlaceHiroshima Red Cross Hospital & A-bomb Survivors Hospital


DurationSeptember 1 to 3, 2006
PlaceHiroshima Peace Memorial Hall


DurationAugust 1 to 11, 2006
PlaceGallery on 2nd Floor, Hiroshima Prefectural Office

[Other Lecture Meetings]
12th Hiroshima International Symposium ・Radiation Effects in Semipalatinsk

DateMarch 2, 2007
PlaceKohjin Hall of Hiroshima University

Concert commemorating the 15th Anniversary of HICARE ・Music of Hope

DateNovember 18, 2006
PlaceElisabeth University of Music