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A Doctor from Mongolia Invited for Training

HICARE invited a doctor who applied through the Mongolian Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (MPPNW) for one-month's training at Hiroshima University Hospital and other institutions.

Name and Title of Trainee:

Oyuntugs Byambasukh
School of Medicine, Health Sciences University of Mongolia

Period of Training:

July 8 to August 8, 2009

Training Organizations (in order of visits):

Hiroshima University Hospital
Radiation Effects Research Foundation
Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Casualty Council
Hiroshima University Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum etc.

Training Course:

Diagnosis of radiation disorders

Dr. Kiminori Yamane of Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism(right) and Dr. Byambasukh(left) at Hiroshima University Hospital


I deeply thank all the instructors of the training organizations (Hiroshima University Hospital, Radiation Effects Research Foundation, Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Casualty Council, and Hiroshima University Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine) who extended very kind hospitality and answered my questions carefully. All the lectures I heard deepened my insight. I would like to express my appreciation especially to Dr. Yamane, Dr. Nishi, Dr. Katayama, Dr. Hayashi, Dr. Kodama, Dr. Sasaki, Dr. Kamiya, and Dr. Hoshi. My training was conducted mainly at Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Hiroshima University Hospital. This fruitful one-month training provided me, a doctor studying endocrinology in Mongolia, with opportunities to acquire new technologies and methodologies and increased my knowledge of endocrinology research in Japan. All the knowledge that I learned from Dr. Yamane and my Japanese colleagues will be a help in my work in Mongolia.