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Kazakhstan: Doctor Training Program

HICARE invited a doctor from Kazakhstan for three-weeks of training.

Name and position:

Vadim Kemaikin
Chief, Hematology Dept.,
The 1st Astana City Central Clinical Hospital


January 30 to February 14, 2007

Training Organizations (in order of occurrence):

Hiroshima University Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine
Hiroshima Red Cross Hospital & A-bomb Survivors Hospital
Radiation Effects Research Foundation

With Dr. Kimura, Professor, Hiroshima University Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine

Training Course:

Diagnosis of radiation disorders (Hematology)


I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to HICARE and its staff. The organization planned both the contents of my training as well as my accommodations in Hiroshima. I think that HICARE created a detailed, well-planned, and exceedingly thoughtful program. Thank you very much!

Medical Activities in Kazakhstan:

I am the chief of the Hematology Department of the 1st Astana City Central Clinical Hospital in Kazakhstan. The Hematology Department provides patients with hematological disease with appropriate treatment. 50 percents of our patients are stricken with leukemia, others with anemia, etc.

In spite of few state-of-art medical facilities, the hospital provides excellent medical treatment for hematological diseases. During my training in Hiroshima, I had the opportunity to observe the most up-to-date facilities at Hiroshima’s hospitals and medical institutions. I would very much like to persuade my hospital to provide similar equipment/facilities.

In order to deepen my professional knowledge regarding hematology, I participated in training programs held in Moscow and Barnaul in Russia, and Minsk in Belarus.