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Belarus: Doctor Training Program

HICARE invited a physician from Belarus for one-month of training.

Name and position:

Olga Rodzevich
Dean of the Pediatrics Faculty,
Head of the Children's Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Department,
Belarusian Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education


February 5 to February 26, 2007

Training Organizations (in order of occurrence):

Hiroshima University Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine
Hiroshima City Funairi Hospital
Hiroshima University Hospital
Hiroshima City Children's Medical Treatment and Guidance Center
Radiation Effects Research Foundation
Hiroshima Red Cross Hospital & A-bomb Survivors Hospital
Hiroshima A-bomb Casualty Council
Matsuda Hospital
Kandayama Yasuragi-en (Special nursing home for A-bomb survivors)
Asada Hospital
Hiroshima Child Line (Crisis telephone center for children eighteen or younger)

With the medical personnel of Hiroshima University:Dr. Asahara, Director of Hospital (2nd from the left), Dr. Kohno, Dean of Medical School (the left), Dr. Kobayashi, Professor of Pediatric Dept. (3rd from the right) and Dr. Yamawaki, Professor of Psychiatric Dept. (2nd from the right), and Dr. Yamada, Russian Interpreter (the right)

Training Course:

Diagnosis of radiation disorders


I liked the training program very much. It was well-planned and covered very effectively the various fields of medicine and welfare issues pertaining to hibakusha. I felt that every medical / nursing facility selected during the program was appropriate.

I think this type of training program is suitable for psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers engaged in medical activities for patients with psychological disorders caused by radiation exposure, etc. Moreover, I find the program suitable for nurses interacting / treating patients directly.

I believe the matters about which I was concerned have been addressed; I now understanding the relevant issues better via the materials and leaflets presented during the training.

In addition to the training, I had opportunities to learn about Japanese culture as well as visit numerous historic spots.

Thank you all very much!

With Dr. Hoshi, Professor, Hiroshima University Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine, (HICARE Executive Secretay) (the middle), and Ms. Anna, Japanese Interpreter (the right)

Medical Activities in Belarus:

I am working as the dean of the Pediatrics Faculty and head of the Children's Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Department at the Belarusian Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education. Since the Chernobyl accident in 1986, I have been engaged in the psychiatric treatment for young patients who have undergone operations for malignant tumors, as well as guidance for their families. I have published several articles and leaflets on psychiatric rehabilitation and medicine for young patients who have received surgical treatment for thyroid cancer. Additionally, I developed a method of treatment consisting of psychiatric treatment and rehabilitation for these patients. This method is conducted by several doctors specializing in the fields of either psychiatry or rehabilitation.

I introduced the concept of psychiatric disease due to radiation-exposure to the Belarusian medical system and the social security system, which I believe has contributed to the improvement of the health care for many patients. I also teach the importance of the family, putting emphasis on both cognitive psychotherapy and behavioral therapy. Furthermore, I have conducted guidance for families who continue to live in the areas contaminated by radiation.

Apart from this, I am also the anchor of a radio program in Belarus named "Marishohk", as well as a participant in the projects held by UNICEF such as "Children in Chernobyl", "Rehabilitation for Children with Mental or Developmental Disorders," and "Rehabilitation for abused children."

With the medical personnel of Hiroshima City Funairi Hospital:Dr. Kanbe, Director (2nd from the right in the back row, Dr. Ono, Chief of Pediatric Psychiatry (2nd from the left in the back row), and training staff