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Korea: Researcher Training Program

HICARE invited a researcher, from the Radiation Health Research Institute in Korea, for two month of training at the Radiation Effects Research Foundation and other institutes.

Name and Position:

Meeseon Jeong
Senior Researcher,
Lab. of Radiation Effect Research,
Radiation Health Research Institute


September 8 to October 31, 2005

Training Organization(In the order of training):

Radiation Effects Research Foundation
Hiroshima A-bomb Casualty Council
Hiroshima University Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine

Training Course:

Course on epidemiological and statistical methods

Dr. Jeong (the third from right in the front row) with Dr. Cologne (the second from right in the front row) in charge of her training and other training staffs at the Radiation Effects Research Foundation


Through HICARE training course, I learned lots of advanced techniques that will be very useful for my future research. As training organization, Dept. of Statistics in RERF gave me wonderful lectures for cancer risk assessment methods and lots of advices for my research. And I was able to see their efforts in order to get more exact and reliable results in radiation research. Their collaboration work with other radiation research fields was also very impressive.
Every people I met in Hiroshima were so kind and gentle. Every place I visited in Hiroshima was including the desire for peace. I will remember this historical and peaceful city for long time, and hope many researchers in Korea will be able to participate in HICARE training program.
Finally, I really appreciate many members of HICARE and RERF for their devoted assistance and help during my stay.

Medical Activities in Korea:

I perform the research on radiation health effect at RHRI (Radiation Health Research Institute) in Korea. I am involved in epidemiological study on Korean Nuclear Power Plant workers and study on the probability of causation for cancers occurred to Korean radiation workers. And I conduct the study on dose-response model for biological dosimetry data. Statistical consulting for other researchers is also one of my activities.