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Russia: Researcher Training Program

HICARE invited a researcher from Russia for three months of training.

Name and position:

Elena A. Ososkova
Assistant researcher,
Medical Radiological Research Center, Academician RAMS


September 6 to November 27

With Dr. Takanobu Teramoto, Permanent Director, RERF

Training organizations (in order of occurrence):

Radiation Effects Research Foundation
Hiroshima Red Cross Hospital and A-bomb Survivors Hospital
Hiroshima University Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine
Hiroshima A-bomb Casualty Council
Visits to the Peace Memorial Museum and other A-bomb related sites

Training Course:

Assessment of biological effects of radiation


HICARE training is significant for junior researchers as it provides them an opportunity to reflect upon how they should pursue future studies. In addition, RERF provides ample resources for tackling academic questions, a suitable environment for engaging in research activities, as well as support for lifestyle issues. RERF staff was very helpful whenever I had questions regarding my profession. Staff members furthermore assisted me regardless of whether or not they were directly involved in my training program; everyone was always willing to lend a helping hand.

I believe that the three-month training period was suitable for me to acquire new techniques and methodologies, as well as understand the culture of Japan, the wonderful country. I am most happy to have been able to participate in this HICARE training program.

With Dr. Norio Takahashi, Assistant Department Chief, Department of Genetics, RERF (seventh from the right), and training staff

Medical activities in Russia:

I graduated from the National Obninsk University of Atomic Energy in 2006 specializing in the environmental issues as well as the safe use of nuclear and radiation related technologies. I now work in molecular and cellular radiobiology laboratory at the Medical Radiological Research Center, Academician RAMS.