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Six JICA Program Participants from Burundi, Sudan, and Uganda

HICARE accepted six participants of JICA program “Peace Education through Promoting Mutual understanding” from Republic of Burundi, the Republic of the Sudan, and Republic of Uganda for a lecture on HICARE’s activities.

Names and Titles of Trainees:

1. Mr. Ntibazomum PA Theogene (Burundi)

   Deputy Coordinator of Civil Protection in the Capital Bujumbura, General Direction of Civil Protection,

  Minister of Public Security

2. Mr. Ntakoma Diomede (Burundi)

 Regional Prison Police Commissioner, Directorate of Burundi National Police,

  Minister of Public Security

3. Ms. Abdelaal Tayseer Alfatih Mohammed (Sudan)

   Lecturer, Regional Institute for Gender, Diversity, Peace and Rights, Ahfad University for Women

4. Ms. Elmagboul Niveen Salah Eldin Ibrahim (Sudan)

   Assistant Professor – Dean of the School, School of Rural Extension Education and Development,

   Ahfad University for Women

5. Mr. Nsubuga Zirimenya Saul (Uganda)

   AG. Chief Administrative Officer. Ministry of Local Govt. (Zombo District).

6. Mr. Ddamba Henry (Uganda)

   Chief Administrative Officer, Kapchorwa, District Administration, Minister of Local government

Period of Training:

July 14,  2016


Lecture: "About HICARE's activities

- International Contribution for Human Resource Develoment on Health Care of the Radiation-expoesed"