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Ten Medical Professionals from Korea Received for Training

HICARE invited 10 medical professionals engaged in radiation emergency medicine at the Korea Institute of Radiation & Medical Sciences (KIRAMS) and hospitals designated by National Radiation Emergency Medical Center for training on the treatment of radiation-exposed.

List of trainees:


Sunjoo LEE

Korea Institute of Radiological & Medical Sciences


Yeajin KIMMedical Technician
Hyunwoo KIMAdministration staff

Chunnam KIM



Gyeongsang National University HospitalMedical Technician

Jungin CHOI

Armed Forces Busan HospitalNurse

Heejin SO

Yeonggwang Christian HospitalDoctor

Seongmun JOO

Uljingun Medical CenterAdministration staff

Jahae KIM

Chonnam National University HospitalDoctor

Jinbong YE

Chungbuk National University HospitalDoctor

Period of training:

July 3 to 7, 2017

Training Organization (in order of visits):

Radiation Effects Research Foundation

Hiroshima Red Cross Hospital & Atomic-bomb Survivors Hospital

Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Casualty Council.

Hiroshima University (Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine) 

Kurakake Nozomi-en (Nursing Home for A-bomb survivors)

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, etc.

Training Course:

Briefings at radiation-related institutions.

With Dr. Tomonori Hayashi, Assistant Department Chief,Department of Molecular Biosciences at Radiation Effects Research Foundation (center in front row)

With Research Division Director of Atomic Bomb Survivors Relief Depertment,Mr. Madokoro (third from the left in back row), at Hiroshima City

With Dr. Satoshi Tashiro (center), Professor of Hiroshima University Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine

With Dr. Nanao Kamada (left), former president of HICARE and former Board Chairman of Hiroshima A-Bomb Survivors Relief Foundation, at Kurakake Nozomi-en - nursing home


-I would like to express my deepest respect to Dr. Hayashi, Dr. Tashiro and Dr. Kamada.

Dr. Hayashi – It is a unique and valuable research in the world. I expect further updates in your research and papers. Thank you for sharing the worthwhile research results.

Dr.Tashiro - It was a really impressive lecture you gave us. Since it is closely related to my research, I enjoyed your lecture with great interest. I expect further progress with your research in the region of low dose.

Dr.Kamada – It’s great honor to meet you. Thank you for your sharing the research results  you have devoted yourself to. As a doctor, I would like to work hard at doing my research.


-Since I learned about health check-ups for Korean A-Bomb survivors and the aging problem, I will share the information with my colleagues and staff members. In addition, I will share a variety of research results on dose evaluation and the diseases caused by radiation dose in Hiroshima.


-I sincerely respect people in Hiroshima who underwent the terrible disaster,  overcame it, and eventually completed the recovery from it. As a surgery who can understand the cruelty of disaster scenes, I had truly important experiences. It was also good to me to know about the ongoing research on the radiation effects of low dosimetry.