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Three Doctors from Korea invited for training

HICARE received three medical professionals from Korea for training on health care of the radiation-exposed.

List of Trainees:

1. Kim Pyung Soon

  Section Chief, Department of Neurology, Seoul Red Cross hospital


2. Kim Cheon Il

   Section Chief, Department of Home medicine, Sangju Red Cross Hospital


3. Koo Yu Jin

   Associated professor, Department of Obsterics and Gynecology, Yeungnam  University Medical Center

Period of training:

June 13 to 17, 2016

Training Organizations (in order of visits):

Radiation Effects Research Foundation

Hiroshima University Hospital (Advanced Emergency and Critical Care Center)

Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Casualty Council
Hiroshima Red Cross Hospital & Atomic-bomb Survivors Hospital
Kurakake Nozomi-en (A-bomb survivors nursing home)
Hiroshima University Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, etc.

Training Course:

Diagnosis of radiation disorders


With Mr. Keiichi Tenma (left), Section Chief General Affairs Section, Radiation Effects Research Foundation, after lectures by Dr. Sadakane, Acting Lab Chief, Laboratory of Pathology, Department of Epidemiology, and Dr.Sugiyama, Acting Office Chief, Tumor & Tissue Registry Office, Department of Epidemiology.

With Associate Professor Nobuyuki Hirohashi (left) of Advanced Emergency and Critical Care Center, Hiroshima University Hospital.

With Dr. Saeko Fujiwara (right center), Director of Health Management & Promotion Center, Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Casualty Council.

With Dr. Nanao Kamada (second from the right in front row), Board Chairman of Hiroshima A-bomb Survivors Relief Foundation, at Kurakake Nozomi-en nursing home.

With Mr.Kunio Tsuchiya (left), Section Director of Hiroshima City Government.

At Memorial Park in Hiroshima Red Cross Hospital & Atomic-bomb Survivors Hospital.

Received the certificate of completion from Dr. Shunichi Kaseda (second from the right), Vice President of Hiroshima Red Cross Hospital & Atomic-bomb Survivors Hospital.


- I have treated A-bomb survivors who visited me as out-patients without recognizing what they wanted and needed. Because I can now understand their mental state, I will be able to give more meticulous medical treatment from now on.


- I have gained the systematic knowledge which I needed to understand the agony of A-Bomb survivors I could never have experienced and because of this can now help them.


- I could hear about the first-aid activities at the time of complex disaster from Dr. Hirohashi, at the Advanced Emergency and Critical Care Center of Hiroshima University Hospital, which was the best experience for me.

As a doctor, I doubt if I could have been well-prepared enough for emergencies. Since I could gain useful knowledge and points through this training, I will be able to apply it in a case of emergency without missing any important points.


-  With regards the curriculum - it would have been better for me if the level of content in clinical and laboratory study would have been higher. I would like to take further lectures in more detail in the discipline of molecular genetics and clinical study.