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Korea: Researcher Training Program

HICARE invited a researcher from Korea for one-month of training.

Name and position:

Choi, Tae Hyun
Senior Researcher
Radiation Emergency Medical Team
National Radiation Emergency Medical Center (NREMC)
Korea Institute of Radiological & Medical Sciences (KIRAMS)


January 12 to February 6, 2007

Training Organizations (in order of occurrence):

Radiation Effects Research Foundation
Hiroshima University Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine

Training Course:

Radiation dosimetry (Biological dosimetry)

With Dr. Okubo, Chairman, Radiation Effects Research Foundation


First of all, I would like to sincerely thank HICARE for presenting me with this wonderful opportunity. The Korea Institute of Radiological and Medical Sciences (KIRAMS), located in South Korea, consists of three organizations, a hospital, research institute, and National Emergency Medical Center, with most KIRAMS’s medical personnel working at one of the facilities. I work at the National Emergency Medical Center and as the biology researcher of the team mainly study medical treatments / examinations utilizing radioisotopes.

In addition to my studies as a biologist, I have some understanding of nuclear physics, radiation science, as well as their practical application; as such I am in charge of the biology-related examination department. One of my duties is to establish and manage the laboratory of biological dosimetry. I am very glad to have received training via HICARE at such an appropriate period.

My one-month of training in Hiroshima was the very beneficial, having studied chromosome analysis techniques and interpretation with Dr. Yoshiaki Kodama, Assistant Department Chief, Department of Genetics, Radiation Effects Research Foundation.

I would like to make use of my training in my laboratory immediately.

Again, my deepest thanks to both Dr. Kodama and HICARE.

Thank you very much!

With Dr. Kodama (the left in the front row) and training staff