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Invited a medical doctor for the training from Kazakhstan

HICARE invited a medical doctor from the Kazakhstan National Medical Academy for two months of training at the Hiroshima University Research Institute for Radiation Biology & Medicine.

Name and Position:

Asson Zheksembaev
Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery, Kazakhstan National Medical Academy


July 2 to August 29, 2004

Host Organization:

Hiroshima University Research Institute for Radiation Biology & Medicine

Training Course:

Diagnosis of radiation disorders

Training Scene at Takeichi Clinic

Dr. Asson's Impressions:

Radiation exposure causes various kinds of malignant tumors and diseases in human tissues and organs. As a surgeon invited to Hiroshima to study radiology, I observed medical assistance provided for A-bomb survivors who were exposed to radiation in the August 1945 atomic bombing. I, as a surgeon, took particular note of the patients with thyroid diseases, and was able to visit various hospitals within Hiroshima.

Focusing attention on the Takeichi Clinic, I recognized that the clinic provided high quality medical treatment for patients with thyroid diseases; it was effective preventive medical treatment.

In Japan, all the conditions necessary for early tumor detection seem to be present: first, medical specialists with high level techniques and training; second, state-of-the-art medical equipment. Having finished two months of medical training under the auspices of HICARE, I feel that Japanese medicine is beginning to place more importance on preventive medicine, a policy which I consider to be of momentous importance.

I believe that the knowledge I gained in this program will be useful in medical activities for the radiation-exposed.

August 28

Training Scene at Saiseikai Hiroshima Hospital