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Researcher from Medical Radiological Research Center in Russia

HICARE invited a researcher from the Medical Radiological Research Center in Russia for three months of training at the Radiation Effects Research Foundation.

Name and Position:

Yana Malyutina
Minor scientific researcher, Medical Radiological Research Center


September 9 to November 30, 2004

Host Organization:

Radiation Effects Research Foundation.

Training Course:

Training Scene

Course on assessing the biological effects of radiation


I, Yana Malyutina, am working as a researcher at the Tissue Regeneration by Irradiation Office of the Radiation Biochemistry Department of the Medical Radiological Research Center in Russia. Having received an invitation from HICARE, I trained at the Immunology and Molecular Biology Research Office of the Radiobiology/Molecular Epidemiology Department of the Radiation Effects Research Foundation (RERF) between September 3 and November 26, 2004.

Through this training at RERF, I was able to study methods for cytogenetics and molecular biology, which I had previously only read about in scientific magazines. Before I came to Japan, I had already experienced short stays in foreign countries, though only in the capacity of business trips to international conferences. However, in Japan, a country not very familiar to me, my three-month stay was quite significant. At RERF, regardless of laboratory or research field, no matter the circumstance, everyone was willing to offer a helping hand; I was deeply impressed. In such a favorable and friendly environment, it goes without saying I was able to train and enjoy myself daily.

During my stay in Japan, not only did I study state-of-art techniques and achieve concrete results in my training and research, but I had the opportunity to visit numerous places. A sage once said that nobody can deprive a person of experiences that he/she has eaten or seen; as such, nobody will be able to take from me my memory of the Japanese-style temples and gardens, the people, and the streets which had such atmosphere. I am pleased to have had such a wonderful experience.

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to HICARE.

Lastly, I would like to send special thanks to Dr. Hayashi and Dr. Neriishi who trained me during my stay at RERF.